Most people are familiar with traditional dental impressions and dread this uncomfortable step to dental care. However, modern digital impressions are now available, making this process much more comfortable for patients and enhancing the accuracy of dental models for your dentist. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Diana Tadros, offers digital designs for her patients at Beauty and the Teeth Dental.

What Are Digital Designs?

Digital designs are an alternative to dental impressions made with a gooey material known as alginate in a tray that you may be familiar with from previous dental or orthodontic appointments. Digital designs are made by taking images of the teeth and mouth that are processed and presented on a computer, meaning patients can forego the mess and discomfort of traditional impressions.

Dr Diana and her entire staff are AMAZING! My tooth cracked on a Saturday and she met me in her office the following day-Sunday!! She is a perfectionist! The permanent crown is gorgeous! I can’t thank her enough for saving my tooth! The crack was so low that many other dentists might have pulled the tooth and done an implant. Dr Diana is smart, sweet with a heart of gold. I love that she is available 24×7. Highly recommend!

Excellent care provided by warm, welcoming, kind hearted team of professionals. This was my first ever visit to a dentist’s office and I was made to feel completely at ease by Dr. Tardos and her staff. I don’t think many places could take something as uncomfortable as a teeth cleaning and make it a rather fun and pleasant experience. Thank you!

Very caring and compassionate dentist. Dr Tadros always looks out for what is best for the patient and has instilled that in all her staff. Very easy to make appointments and receive absolutely fantastic dental care.

Always a great experience… Clean environment, friendly staff, and amazing service! Highly recommend for the perfect smile.

What Does the Digital Design Procedure Involve?

During a digital design procedure, Dr. Tadros will simply use a wand-like tool to take images of your teeth and mouth. These images are then processed by a computer to create a detailed, three-dimensional virtual model of the mouth. These digital models are more detailed than traditional impressions and can allow Dr. Tadros to make even more accurate crowns, retainers, Invisalign® aligners, and more. In addition, any inaccuracies in the scan can immediately be corrected, as the images are completed while the patient is still present.

Digital designs are made very quickly, and the process is completely comfortable for the patient. Most patients much prefer the digital designing experience over the process of traditional impressions, which can cause a gagging sensation or tooth sensitivity.

When Are Digital Designs Necessary?

Digital designs are necessary for procedures in which a custom implant or other device must be made to fit on your teeth or to replace a tooth. This includes procedures such as:

During your appointment, Dr. Tadros will explain a complete plan for your dental care, including whether or not digital designs will be necessary.

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