Not Your Typical Dentist Freebies

We love our patients and we love spoiling them. We are constantly updating our stash of giveaways and encourage you to take a few after each appointment. From lip balm to chip clips to bookmarks and more, stop by and get some goodies!


We offer our patients complimentary refreshments upon arrival to our office. We have coffee, filtered water, and an assortment of snacks for patients to enjoy at their leisure!   

Bookshare Shelf

Dr. Tadros, an avid reader, brings her joy of books into her practice. We encourage our guests to take a book home from our vast selection of books on our shelf. We would even love the chance to house your used and read books to leave and share for the next guest. 

Meet Our Greeter

A dog lover to the core, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Diana Tadros, couldn’t help but bring her lovable pup to work on some days. Petrie is friendly, adorable and our laziest employee but we love him anyway!