As an international speaker on digital dental design, one of the Top 50 Global Digital Women of the Year (2022), and Digital Educator of the Year (2022), our Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist, Dr. Diana Tadros, is dedicated to advancing the field of dental care through state-of-the-art technology. In the featured cover story for the March 2023 edition of Dentistry Today, Dr. Tadros shares her expert insights on how harnessing the capabilities of digital dentistry can improve practice workflows and patient results.

In the article, “The Digital Road to Aesthetic Success,” Dr. Tadros further elaborates on how technological advancements can save weeks of time and reduce costs for both providers and patients.

At her private practice, Beauty and Teeth Dental, Dr. Tadros utilizes many advanced technologies, including in-house digital design software, 3D scanners, and 3D printers. She notes that digital technology can be an asset in all aspects of dentistry, from repairing a single chipped tooth to more complex dental implant restorations and smile makeovers. Whatever a patient’s individual needs may be, digital innovations can efficiently expedite workflows while giving patients greater input in the treatment planning process. Dr. Tadros highlights the ability to merge full-face patient photos with 3D intraoral scans, which can be shown to patients during their consultation. This allows her to collaborate with patients in designing their dream smile while showcasing how different treatment approaches can impact the final result.

Throughout the featured article, Dr. Tadros outlines numerous ways in which digital dentistry can work to benefit both patients and dentists, including:

  • Chairside mockups of proposed dental outcomes during consultations
  • Digital renditions of potential smile results generated within a few minutes
  • Reduced treatment turnaround times and costs
  • Visual planning for accurate tooth prep work and restoration design
  • Increased patient, provider, and lab communication
  • Additional treatment recommendations for optimal results, such as crown lengthening

Dr. Tadros also adds, “I believe so much in the impact that digital has had in my office that I decided not to hide my digital lab in the back like we are accustomed to but display it front and center when patients enter our office.” She enjoys educating and engaging with both patients and her peers in the dental field about the possibilities associated with digital technology. As a part of her passion for education, Dr. Tadros founded the training institute Exocad Elite to help other dental professionals better utilize cutting-edge digital technology in their own practices, and she frequently lectures on the topic at prestigious industry conferences.

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