Dr. Diana Tadros has been featured on the “Driving Dentistry Forward” podcast to discuss her innovative approach to digital dentistry during a global pandemic. With tools like exocad, 3D printing, and other technologies to provide personalized care for patients during a time when other practices face insurmountable challenges, Dr. Tadros has excelled at adapting to a changing medical landscape.

By learning digital approaches to dentistry by herself, Dr. Tadros has been able to cut out long wait times for fabricated dental devices – instead creating them directly in her Fort Lauderdale practice.

“We were able to fill the schedule very quickly because I’m not waiting three weeks for the turnaround time from the lab to do the wax-ups anymore. So, everything is designed here,” Dr. Tadros says. “Now, I can see [patients] the next day, if I need to, and get started.”

Listen Dr. Tadros’ interview with host Rick Cohen here.

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